Why vinyl

Vehicle wrapping is a cutting-edge and innovative method for transforming the color and appearance of a vehicle. This process involves manually applying adhesive-backed vinyl film, which is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, onto smooth surfaces.




● Vinyl wraps come in a wide variety of colors and textures, including some that look exactly like paint finishes.

● Wrapping a car is a more affordable alternative to painting.

● Vinyl wraps are temporary, so you can change the look of your car whenever you want.

● Vinyl wraps can protect your car's paint from minor scratches, vandalism, rock chips, and scuffs.

● Vinyl wrapping does not require any special equipment or machinery.

● Vinyl wrapping does not require any special equipment or machinery.



    Advantages of CarMe Color Change Film:


    PET Environmental Material: CarMe’s color change technology adopts an environmentally friendly PET base film.

    Non-Damaging to Original Paint: CarMe uses a domestically-sourced acrylic adhesive that does not damage the original paint.

    No Residue: CarMe’s low viscosity adhesive leaves no residue when the film is removed.

    Rich Finishing Options: CarMe features hundreds of customizable options, including satin, matte, crystal, metallic, ceramic, electroplating, and laser for a delectable finish.

    Long-Lasting Gloss: CarMe features a cast polyurethane color layer with a bright and long-lasting gloss to provide superior texture.