Y2023 Colors

Spring Awakening, Macchiato Color Palette

As the warmth of spring melts away the winter cold, the soft soil gives birth to new life. Tender shoots break free from the constraints of withered branches, and life begins to split, breathe, and release its energy from within each cell. The essence of life encourages us to break free from stagnant or difficult circumstances and to experience the world basked in the sun, with birds and insects chattering around us. The power of nature has persisted for thousands of years, and now the macchiato-colored peony buds have blossomed into full vitality. The subtle changes of nature gradually soothe the mind, and the tight nerves and life pressures are released, as we break free from the tender pinks, revealing the miracle of the cycle of life and the power of renewal.

The Healing Macaron Color Palette

As light pink weaves a colorful dream, busy city dwellers yearn for an unrestricted haven of imagination. The vibrant color palette exudes a romantic atmosphere, depicting bubbles of joy. The combination of macaron colors fills us with a forever hope for the beauty of the world. The yellow hue in this moment is a sweet embellishment, perfectly representing vitality and warmth.

The Rhythm of Summer:Dance of Green

In the vibrant season of summer, the all-encompassing nature brims with vitality. Shades of green abound, and life blooms in the never-ending cycle of nature. Lotus leaves sway, and life presents itself with freshness and delicacy. We feel the vigor of life and embrace its rhythm. The color scheme is dominated by lively shades of green, paired with cool and refreshing white, like a gentle breeze and dew, nourishing life and bringing joy. In the woods and on the meadows, we breathe in the boundless vitality.

Vast Ocean and Sky with a Fantastical Color Scheme

Look, where the blue meets the distant sky. Look, where the glow of the sunset scatters among the clouds, shining with the radiance of ancient glazed tiles, dreamlike and boundless. The color scheme of the ocean and sky creates a fantastical atmosphere that exudes a sense of vastness, freedom, and tranquility. This noble color scheme possesses a mysterious power that can calm the restless mind with each gaze, guiding people towards composure and tolerance. It is also dreamlike, instilling hope into people's lives and liberating their constrained souls. Furthermore, it serves as the messenger of the ocean and sky, rendering the harmonious world of myriad possibilities in its colors.

The Autumn Romance Brown Earth Color Scheme

The base color created by the precipitation of time gives birth to classics. The earth is a return, as well as the starting point for life to start anew. Its colors extend infinitely, connecting us to our contemplation of life. Returning to simplicity, the story of the cycle of life is purifying our souls. The earth color scheme serves as the main theme, and with a touch of yellow, it extends a sense of surprise in the calm tone. In the process of leaves returning to their roots, life encounters its original form once again.

Dreamy Purple Starry Sky Color Scheme

The Milky Way and vast universe are filled with numerous stars. In this era of rapid development, oyr curiosity shines brightly like planets colliding with each other. The mysterious and noble purple alternates and permeates in space, breaking away from traditional color combinations. It represents self-exploration and the exchange of diverse ideas, interpreting the grand imagination of limitless possibilities and the realm of virtuality and fantasy. The combination of the purple starry sky creates a youthful yet profound attitude against the backdrop of the gray sky. The varying shades of color add a touch of exploratory spirit and passion for creating new life experiences.

Winter Stillness High-level Distant Mountain Grey Color Palette

Pure colors bring people a sense of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle. The combination of sensibility and ideals endows life with an elegant and noble temperament. After experiencing the vibrancy and growth of life, what touches people's hearts the most is simplicity and calmness. The high-level distant mountain grey color palette contains uniqueness in simplicity and strength in restraint. In a cold and sober atmosphere, it brings gentle spiritual comfort. The color palette is mainly composed of tranquil grey-blue and beige, with a touch of light purple, allowing people to feel the beauty of pulsation in a peaceful atmosphere, and to interpret the external spirituality and internal logic of life, reaching deep satisfaction in the heart.